Friday, July 1, 2011


Introducing Amendment 1, the Health Care Freedom Act!

June 30th, 2011

Dear Friends, We are excited to announce that the Florida Health Care Freedom Act has been placed on the ballot, and designated Amendment #1. Fittingly, your vote on whether to roll back Obamacare and keep the federal government out of your health care decisions is the top priority and most important issue you will vote on in November 2012.

We are very grateful for Senate President Mike Haridopolos and Representative Scott Plakon for fighting so hard to put this before voters. This would not have happened without their efforts.

The fight, though, is just beginning. Obamacare supporters are rallying, and have formed an organization to oppose Amendment 1. Anti-freedom liberals and democrat consultants have a vested interest in protecting the government takeover of your private medical decisions.

We need your help to fight back. Help us spread the word and tell people to Vote Yes on 1. Please visit the campaign website and sign up as a Citizen Co-Sponsor. 

We're approaching 1,000 supporters already. If you forward this message to just 10 like-minded Patriots we can see this number increase exponentially, and we'll be on our way to the 60% we need to make this amendment our law.

Warmest regards,
Senator Carey Baker

Cape 912, making a difference...

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